Ambient Air Monitoring

In urban locations, the Aethalometer monitors the mass concentration of airborne carbon particles due to traffic and other local emission sources. The instruments measurement time base can be set anywhere from a 1-second to 1-hour, providing flexibility for monitoring and immediate identification of source strength and dispersion patterns.

The chemical speciation of fine particle mass concentration (ie. PM2.5) is a mandated measurement by the US EPA. Aethalometer instruments are used to report continuous Black (or Elemental) carbon mass concentration data into the US EPA's National 'AIRS' Database. Real-time chemical speciation is a major priority under the newly revised US EPA National Monitoring Strategy, known as NCORE.

In residential locations, the Aethalometer can indicate the impact of smoke from domestic fireplaces.

In rural locations, the Aethalometer can also measure the impact of smoke from prescribed agricultural burns or wild fires.

The 2-Wavelength Aethalometer responds to the UV absorption of components present in wood smoke. Simulataneously, the IR absorbing channel is measuring the Black (or elemental) carbon associated with diesel or coal combustion. The 2 wavelength system gives information to help differentiate sources of airborne carbon particles.

At remote sites, the presence of BC in the atmosphere is an indicator of the long-range distribution of combustion-derived pollution. The high sensitivity configuration allows data to be acquired even in the cleanest atmospheres.

The Aethalometer is completely automatic, providing unattended operation for long periods. Its rapid response and in-situ analysis allows data to be collected and immediately available.

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