Indoor Air Quality

In the indoor environment, the Aethalometer is used to monitor the infiltration and trapping of emissions in a building as well as the production and circulation of internal emissions (ie. diesel exhaust from buses into schools). HVAC control efficiency can be determined and maintained using real-time measurement technology.

The Aethalometer instrument has analog communications which are used to send signals to a central data acquisition system with logic to control ventilation systems in real-time.

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Sample Inlet Dryer 
The Sample Inlet Dryer operates using a Nafion® membrane to remove water vapor from the sample stream by permeation to an outer space maintained at a low absolute pressure by means of a vacuum pump which is provided.
Sample Inlet Dryer

Routine Maintenance Service

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Routine preventative maintenance service ensures reliable instrument operation and data quality. Typical turnaround is 5 business days.
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