Month: March 2017

Aethalometer® AE33 major software update (v

We’re excited about the fresh new features coming with the latest AE33 software update The new software version gives the Aethalometer full range of networking capabilities. When the instrument is connected to the internet it can be remotely controlled and monitored thus providing extended diagnostic capabilities. The following solutions offering different levels of connectivity are available: AethAlerts, …

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Slovenian company at the forefront of black carbon measurement

A Ljubljana-based company is leading the global charge in technology used to measure concentrations of black carbon, a powerful pollutant whose role in climate change is only gradually being understood. Aerosol’s innovative solutions in black carbon measuring instruments have helped it capture as much as 80% of the global market. Aerosol has based its growth …

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Discontinuation / model AE31-22

Following the announcement made in January 2016, we wish to notify you that the Magee Scientific Aethalometer model AE31 is now discontinued.  The new Aethalometer AE33 is replacing the previous model generations of rack-mount Aethalometers. Our company mission is to offer the best possible technology, instruments and solutions to our customers in scientific research, air-quality …

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