Following the advance announcement which we sent to our distributor network in November 2018, we wish to notify you that the Magee Scientific Aethalometer model AE42 has now been discontinued.

The AE42 was first developed in 1998. The discontinuation of older products allows us to focus on providing our customers with our latest technology and the best solutions to meet their monitoring and research requirements. Many of the applications of the AE42 can be covered even better with the model AE33 Aethalometer, which offers significant improvements in performance, operation, network connectivity and in-field validation to traceable photometric references. Its data is completely equivalent to data from earlier models of Aethalometer, assuring monitoring agencies of continuity for long-term trend analysis. Please contact us for further details and reports.

Our company vision is to offer the best possible technology, instruments and solutions to our customers in scientific research, air-quality monitoring and industrial applications. In 2017 we introduced the Total Carbon Analyzer model TCA08 and we plan to add further new products to our portfolio in the near future. We will keep you informed of the planned replacement product for the ‘Portable’ Aethalometer.

Aerosol will continue to offer service, spare parts and accessories for the AE42 Aethalometer until 2022, based on availability from our suppliers.