August 28, 2019

Time: 13:15-17:00

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden (EAC 2019, The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre)


Magee Scientific has always been closely with research into carbonaceous aerosols. Dr. Tony Hansen started his career at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in 1977; developed the Aethalometer in 1979; and founded Magee Scientific in 1986.  Aethalometers were used in cooperative programs over the entire globe to demonstrate the ubiquity and dispersion of Black Carbon aerosols. Aerosol Company was founded in Europe in 2007 to focus exclusively on fundamental research into carbonaceous aerosols, and to develop and commercialize equipment for monitoring and research.  Over the intervening years our portfolio has expanded to cover all aspects of Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation with both off-line and on-line (real time) instruments.

The latest developments for Organic/Elemental speciation are the Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System (CASS) – a robust and reliable system providing real-time data on BC, BrC, EC, OC and TC; and the DRI2015 multi-wavelength offline thermal analyzer.

This workshop will present topics on OC/EC speciation; optical properties of primary and secondary aerosols and source apportionment; and leading-edge developments together with Rostock University in the coupling of multi-wave thermal analysis to Photoionisation-MS.

This workshop will present valuable information for anyone in the research and monitoring communities who is interested in carbonaceous aerosols: source apportionment, optical properties, on-line and off-line instrumentation, spectrometry, Brown Carbon characterization, etc.

Confirmed talks will be given by the following scientists:

Prof. Dr. Ralf Zimmermann, University of Rostock and Helmholtz Zentrum München, GERMANY – Adding a chemical dimension: Coupling of the DRI thermo-optical carbon analyzer (TOCA) to photoionisation mass spectrometry (PIMS)

Prof.  Judith C. Chow, Desert Research Institute, USA – Separation of Brown and Black Carbon in PM2.5 Filter Samples using Multiwavelength, Thermal/Optical Carbon Analysis

Prof. John G. Watson, Desert Research Institute, USA – Application of Multiwavelength Measurements for Source Apportionment

Prof. Griša Močnik, Josef Stefan Institute, SLOVENIA – Absorption of primary and secondary aerosols – chamber and ambient measurements

The session will include a coffee break during the workshop, and a small social gathering with food and drink at the end.

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