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AethALERTSTM is a data service that automatically generates e-mail reports, based on the Aethalometer’s diagnostic data and status codes.  If all is well, a routine daily report reassures operators and managers that the instrument is working correctly and the data is 100% valid.  If the instrument identifies an upcoming maintenance requirement, the message alerts the operator for scheduled attention.  If the system detects a problem or any out-of-tolerance parameters, the system sends an immediate warning together with a likely diagnosis or identification.  This allows technical staff to remedy the issue quickly, with a minimum of data down-time.

Color coded emails give a quick insight into the performance of your Aethalometers – ‘ Green ’ (all OK); ‘ Yellow ’ (routine maintenance needed soon);
Red ’ (problem identified).

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  • AethAlerts uses the general public internet.
  • All measurement data is secure: the instrument cannot be accessed by a third party.
  • System automatically sends e-mails to designated recipients.
  • Operators and managers receive daily reports.
  • Daily “ Green ” message confirms normal operation.
  • Yellow ” message informs staff of need for routine maintenance or attention.
  • Red ” message is sent immediately if a problem is detected. Diagnosis or likely identification of problem is provided, to prepare technical staff for required actions.
  • No installation required.


Be assured of Aethalometer performance

  • Daily “ Green ” message = “All OK”.
  • No need for field trips to check up on instruments.

Plan for routine service

  • Yellow ” message will tell you when a new roll of tape is needed.

Solve problems quickly

  • Red ” message is sent immediately if a problem is detected. .
  • Know the issue before going into the field.


  • Connect Aethalometer AE33 to the internet.
  • Configure the instrument to send AethAlerts.
  • Send an email to to activate subscription.


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Everyone who uses an Aethalometer will benefit from the constant monitoring provided by AethAlerts. AethAlerts informs you routinely and automatically of the operational status of the instrument – whether it is in the laboratory next door, or at a remote field site. AethAlerts monitors your instrument 24/7/365. .
For full remote control of Aethalometers and data management, we offer AethNET.


If the Aethalometer is operating normally, AethAlerts will send a “ Green ” message daily at midnight. This message will also show the percentage of data reporting up-time.

If the Aethalometer detects the need for routine service or attention – such as replacement of the Filter Tape Roll, or investigation of a temporary deviation in the Sample Air Flow Rate – AethAlerts will send a “ Yellow ” message. The instrument is still operating correctly, and valid data is still being collected and stored.

If the Aethalometer detects a fault or problem condition – such as a blockage of the Sample Inlet, End of Filter Tape Roll, station overheating, etc. – AethAlerts will immediately send a “ Red ” message with a diagnosis or identification of the problem. The “ Red ” message signifies that data collection has stopped, and the instrument requires immediate attention in order to minimize down-time.

AethAlerts – latest release and other important documents

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