SAFICA field campaign (SArajevo canton FIeld CAmpaign) ended in March 2017 and prof. Katja Džepina (the organizer, coordinator, operator of the campaign) with the local Federal Hydrometeorological instutute of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Magee Scientific Co. / Aerosol d.o.o. organized an event where preliminary results of PM and Black Carbon measurements were presented.

The workshop titled “Atmospheric Aerosol Measurements in Sarajevo – winter 2017/2018” was held at FHMZBiH main building (Bjelave, Sarajevo).

The opening was held by the FHMZBiH director Mr. Almir Bijedic who greeted all the participants – US and Swedish embassies in Sarajevo, ministries, academia, public institutions, NGOs and press. Our special guest prof. Griša Močnik (Josef Stefan Insitute, former director at Aerosol) pointed out many aspects of Black Carbon pollution, sources and its Local/Regional/Global impact to human health and climate.

The problem of air pollution in Bosnia is serious and we asked local institutes to share their insights with us. Thank you Ms Jelena Zorić, Dr Sabina Žero and Ms Sanela Salihagić for great presentations!

Thank you all for your kindness and hospitality.